Our Team

Malvern Travel and Cruise has been organising travel and cruises for our loyal clients for over 25 years. Our travel company is committed to the local community and we enjoy sharing our knowledge of the world with them to assist in all of the planning and arrangements of their holidays or business travel.

With over 60 years (combined) travel industry experience our team understands what is needed to make your travel become a reality.

So whether is it a cruise on any of the world’s oceans or rivers, an African Safari, a luxury escape, a tour of Europe, an adventure in South America, or sports events around the world be it   Wimbledon,  the French Open, major golf events or ultimate sports and travel experience that suits your needs.

We look forward to meeting with you and creating your next trip be it leisure, sports or business travel..

Justin Lawson


Born with a strong desire to see, taste, discover and experience everything that our world has to offer, Justin is well on his way to achieving a lifelong goal of visiting 100 countries (60+ and counting!!).

Justin loves travel and has a passion for planning and building travel plans for his clients, sharing his experience and recommendations to ensure that your trip is something that you will always remember.

Laura Astone            

Senior Travel consultant

Laura has 8 years of knowledge and experience in the travel industry creating experiences for all kinds of travellers. She has an Advance Diploma in Tourism and a Bachelor of Management with a Major in Marketing.

Laura has a vibrant passion for travel and new experiences. "I caught the travel bug from an early age and I don't believe it will ever leave me! The feeling that I get when I see a new place and meet new people while travelling gives me a great desire to be able to give my clients the best experience that I can give them when they come to me with their dreams."

Laura has travelled extensively through Italy, especially Sicily which is where her family are from. Her favourite experience to date would be travelling to Madikwe Game Reserve in South Africa and discovering unbelievable widlife. She is also an avid cruiser with 6 cruises under her belt already. Her favourite destinations so far are Vietnam, Bali, The South Pacific, Italy, Croatia, Mexico and New York. 

Laura feels very fortunate to have travelled to over 35 countries with many more to come in the near future.

Shane Cleary


Self confessed airline and cruise nerd, Shane is known in our office as the human airline and cruise ship encyclopaedia, with an amazing knowledge of intrinsic details of just about every type of aircraft and ship.

Forget the internet, Shane is where you find out every detail about your flight or cruise. Of Irish blood, Shane has travelled extensively throughout Europe, Africa, Asia and of course Australia.

Shane’s attention to detail and knowledge will help you create a trip that suits your individual needs and dreams.

Leah Harrison            

Senior Travel consultant

Leah brings a wealth of travel experience to our team, having visited 22 countries throughout Europe, The Americas, Oceania and Asia, and also completing an Advanced Diploma of Tourism and a Bachelor of Business Management with a marketing major.

Leah’s true passion is helping people explore and enjoy all the beauty the world has to offer, from different cultures, histories, food and landscapes. Her favourite country is Croatia. Having travelled here three times to visit her family, as well as being drawn back for the beautiful scenery, from crystal blue waters to ancient old towns, the delicious food and friendly locals. 

Leah also has a love for Health and Wellbeing and incorporating this into travel. Whether this be an extended health retreat focusing on your goals, a quick getaway to de-stress or a few nights at the end of a holiday to relax before returning home.

Some of Leah’s top travel moments include being surrounded by the surreal alpine views in Switzerland, overlooking the vast Colca Canyon in Peru, walking through the lush jungle in Bali and travelling through the majestic Rocky Mountains in Canada.

Leah is always looking for her next destination to explore and shares that same enthusiasm towards her client’s holidays. Her passion is to help plan and organise your travel experiences with great memories to keep for years to come.